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The History

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SITEM S.p.A., founded in 1974, is an important European manufacturer of stamped and annealed electrical laminations. The company’s aims have been extremely clear from the start: respond to customers needs as dynamically and precisely as possible.
This has led continuously to considerable investment towards increasing production, efficiency and quality. Sitem S.p.A. also designs and constructs stamping tools for it’s own use and for it’s customers.

Sitem Spa was founded in 1974 in Trevi, which is now the group headoffice.

Initially Mrs. Maria Landa Scarca was President and guided the company  in the italian market.

Later, with the her son Giovanni Bartoloni (CEO), Sitem began to grow trouhghout the whole european market.

In 2002 Sitem acquired two companies in Limbiate (Milano), “Nuova LMT” tranceria and “Zaninelli” attrezzeria, producing  electrical laminations and carbide stamping tools.

In 2004 Sitem acquired a small company which produced transformer laminations, “TEI s.r.l.”. and transferred the transformers production to Limbiate.

Also in 2004, in order to enter the eastern Europan market, Mr. Bartoloni  founded a new production site in Spisska Nova Ves,  Slovakia. That investment proved to be strategic for the entire Sitem group, and permitted the group to acquire or keep important customers such as Bosch-Siemens, Whirlpool, Aweco, Askoll, ACC (Nidec group), Best and Rosenberg.

In 2006, Sitem acquired the french company Decoup Sas, in order to complete and improve the production capacity of TEI (transformer laminations).

In 2009, not withstanding the global economic recession, Sitem seized upon an important opportunity on the italian market,  the acquisition of a major competitor in Canegrate (Milano), Framag Group SpA.

The factors  determining this were multiple  synergies:

  • extension of range of existing  Sitem products, die-casting production of electric motor housings, aluminium boxes for gears, fridge valves, and laminations stamping of IEC series;
  • introduction to the wind generation business;
  • relevant customer acquisition in german market.

In  2012 Sitem continued to grow with the acquisition of Rotall s.r.l., located in Brescia, that performs  aluminium diecasting for rotors used in electric motors.

This acquisition was necessary to give Sitem a rotor diecasting capability in the north of Italy.

“I am proud of the fact that a lifetimes work has allowed us to create SITEM S.p.a. It is the reward for the sacrifices made with determined conviction and it pays testimony to the success achieved having a correct innovative vision of the market and adopting balanced market policies.”

Maria Landa Scarca (Fondatrice)

Maria Landa Scarca (Fondatrice)