There are 30 complete blanking lines with mechanical presses of various tonnages: 100 - 160 - 200 - 250 - 300 and 400 tons

Rotor Machining

SITEM owns a fully automated line made up of various processing machinery for the exterior and interior of the rotors, polishing, thermal shock treatment and final checks.

Laser cutting

Purchased in summer 2012, the brand new TRUMPF system is equipped with a double head and a total cutting plane of 4000x2500, cutting thicknesses from 0.3 to 20 mm. It produces prototypes and small series of special laminations which are then stacked internally.


There are in total 16 vertical and horizontal die-casting lines, capable of working on diameters ranging from 30mm to 170mm for a maximum height of up to 400mm.

Annealing Sitem

Trevi has 3 heat treatment furnaces: a Birlek (Monter) with a total capacity of 600 kg / h and two AS ovens of 1800 kg / h.

Stator stacking

SITEM has 10 stator stacking lines using TIG welding, seaming and nailing lines up to an axis height of 400mm.

Coils cutting

Since 2009 the Sitem Trevi has equipped itself with a modern, fully automatic system for COILS cutting with sheet thicknesses from 0.23mm to 2mm, width 1550mm, diameter 1800mm with weight up to 23 tons and speed of 300 meters. / min. The line is at the service of all the companies of the Sitem group.

Dies maintenance

SITEM has in total more than 200 hard metal blanking dies (widia) ranging from a single impression up to a total of 12 in the case of T-segments. The main potential of these include packaging technologies and the possibility of compensating stators and rotors.

Sitem Canegrate


22 shearing presses are installed and operating in this department, 7 of which are dedicated to the transformer plate and the remaining to the electric motor plate and special lines dedicated to the production of components in the wind sector.

Sandblasting and shot-peening

Sitem Canegrate has 6 sandblasters for the surface treatment of die-cast components.

Rotor die-casting

In May 2012, SITEM Spa purchased 100% of Motorit, a Brescia-based company specialized in rotor die-casting, transferred to the Canegrate headquarters. It has 8 automated horizontal die-casting lines with a tonnage ranging from 380 to 900 tons. It produces rotors of diam. up to 300 mm. and height 450 mm.

Housing die-casting

Sitem Canegrate has in total 15 fully automated lines for the die-casting of housings, shields, flanges and other aluminium components. The range extends from 500 tons up to 2000 tons and dies from 1 to 16 figures are used.

Die-casting mould design

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the company's technical team works closely with customers to better design the die-casting of each mould up to a modification of the piece to be produced.

Sitem Limbiate

Dies tooling

Zaninelli was founded in 1938, but since 1969 it has specialized in the construction of hard metal elements for the creation of dies used in magnetic laminations cutting. In 1984 Zaninelli began to build Tungsten Carbide dies for the production of magnetic laminations for small motors, transformers, contacts etc. In 1991 Zaninelli expanded the range of products by making dies with automatic stacking systems.

Today the company has 25 specialized employees with years of experience in dies construction behind them. Thanks to the experience of highly qualified staff, the company uses CAD-CAM technology and the latest generation machinery necessary for the production of modern blanking dies.

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